Chapoulie Lauze

Renovation, creation and cover of your roof in real slate (Lauze).


Phone: 05 53 59 48 48 E
Address: Chapoulie Thierry – Méjat – 24590 Saint-genies


Thierry CHAPOULIE perpetuates the art of lauziers in Saint-Genies. The work of the slate or Lauze offers rare achievement. The techniques are ancient; they differ depending on the rock used for the cover, the shape of roofs and regional expertise. The Lauze roofs are very resistant and are not afraid of lightning. They are often exposed to wind and weather. It is said that the main quality of the slate is that it is made to last a hundred years.

Our services

Renovation of roofs

Even if the Lauze is a very resistant material, it is necessary to renovate your roof to preserve its properties.

Creating roofs

We support you in the creation of your roofs in Lauze. Works using ancestral techniques.


We also intervene on the cover of your roofs for a management from the begining of your roof in Lauze.

Lauziers since 3 Generations

The art of the Lauze work is passed down from generation to generation to preserve ancestral techniques and quality work.

50 accomplished projects

We are happy to support professionals and individuals in their projects in Dordogne and elsewhere.

Our latest projects

Chapoulie lauze - Castelnaud

Chateau de Castelnaud

Chapoulie lauze - Marqueyssac

Marqueyssac Castle

Chapoulie lauze - Lacypièrre

Lacypièrre Castle

Chateau de Castelnaud

Marqueyssac Castle

Lacypièrre Castle

Chapoulie lauze - toiture marqueyssac
Chapoulie lauze - toiture
Chapoulie lauze - Saint-Geniès
Chapoulie lauze - travail

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